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Focus on what you do best.

Automate the rest.

Do you love work but hate the feeling of being bogged down?

You’ve hired the best of the best and spent a ton of time with their onboarding and getting them excited about their potential at your organization. The problem you’re now facing? They’re stuck in the weeds doing repetitive tasks they find boring, energy-sucking and consuming valuable time during their work hours.

Don’t let that skill, energy and passion go to waste.

Kick Bot Solutions is a new approach for SMB's, changing not only the way people work for the better, but also their lives as a result.

We help you uncover key tasks best suited for automation so your skilled team can stay focused, engaged and excited about their work and let the repetitive tasks be taken care of. Your team will be able to bring their full passion and energy each day to work and to their families at the end of the day.

And trust us, your team will love what automation can do for them!

Are you ready to explore how automation can take you to the next level?

Dog with head on desk and eye roll.

ready to ditch the frustrations?

How many times do you eye roll in a day because of a tedious task or poor process? We’re guessing a lot 😉

Business process automation (a.k.a RPA) is more than just putting a bot to work. It’s about understanding your process and creating efficiencies with it and then allowing the bot to work its magic. We know that often times one process is completed in multiple ways in an organization so we work with you to get to the best version and then let automation do its thing.


we're like a fly on the wall.

We know that staffing is a challenge in most organizations so we’ll keep the pressure off you. Once we figure out the best bot approach, we’ll make sure to take care of support and maintenance so you can focus on what you do best, and we take care of the rest.

We’re the ones that will work behind the scenes and you won’t even know we’re there.


Office desk with lap top, plant, coffee mug, papers and glasses.

Automation doesn’t make work less human, it makes it more human.

And it’ll keep your teams happy!


People gathered around a table and whiteboard facilitating planning.

Adopt a recession-proof strategy

Have you felt the pains of labor shortages and the had the discussions of cutting costs? Now the fear sets in about how to manage the workload, with less people. Adopting an automation strategy can support you through these challenging times through new efficiencies, time savings and taking care of the people who are sticking through the tough times. With automation guiding you, you and your team can come out stronger than ever.

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